The History You May Not Know About Liberty Square At Disney’s Magic Kingdom

If you have been to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, your eyes will have been drawn to many different things. Some of the things may have peaked your curiosity and some things you will may not have given a second thought.

Liberty Square

One thing that Disney Imagineering is especially good at is paying attention to the very smallest of details. Guests often marvel at the incredible rides and attractions that Disney Imagineering have created. However, it’s the small things that they add that really show the depth they go to in creating a truly magical experience.

Originally Liberty Square was conceived as an annex to Main Street U.S.A but never saw the light of day at Disneyland. When the Magic Kingdom was being designed, Liberty Square seemed a good fit, it sort of mimicked New Orleans Square that was being added in Disneyland.

Liberty Square was part of the initial opening of the Magic Kingdom on 1st October 1971. It formed one of the 6 original themed lands and represented Colonial America.

As you walk through Liberty Square you’ll notice that you are walking on a brown pavement that meanders its way through the land like a river.

In Colonial America, indoor plumbing wasn’t a thing and the residents used chamber pots which obviously needed emptying. The chamber pots would be emptied usually by  throwing the contents from the upper floors right in to the middle of the street below. There were no sewers or gutters in those days, so a river of waste would flow down the same streets that people walked on.

This brown pavement is a representation of these rivers of waste. They would have been a common site in Colonial America. This is just one of the small details that Disney Imagineers added to this land.

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