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The History You May Not Know About Liberty Square At Disney’s Magic Kingdom

If you have been to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, your eyes will have been drawn to many different things. Some of the things may have peaked your curiosity and some things you will may not have given a second thought.

Liberty Square

One thing that Disney Imagineering is especially good at is paying attention to the very smallest of details. Guests often marvel at the incredible rides and attractions that Disney Imagineering have created. However, it’s the small things that they add that really show the depth they go to in creating a truly magical experience.

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6 Films Based On Disney Rides and Attractions

There are many Disney rides and attractions that are based on films but did you know that there are some films that are actually based on Disney attractions?

rides to films

When visiting the Disney theme parks it’s common to see rides that are based on films. Lately even whole lands are based on films such as Avatar and Star Wars. Less known though, is that some films have been inspired by or based on existing Disney rides and attractions.

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