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SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Black Friday offer

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment has launched a Black Friday offer which is now live, until November 27, 2023, across all Discovery Cove packages booked for 2024 including the Discovery Cove Ultimate Swim package. For this limited time only, customers can book a Discovery Cove Ultimate Swim package for as little as *£163 per person, offering great value.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s Black Friday deal offers a saving of up to *43% which represents *£124 off previously published prices for the Discovery Cove Ultimate Swim packages. Customers can take advantage of this deal for a limited time, from November 9 until November 27, 2023. Continue reading

SeaWorld Orlando’s Popular “Inside Look” Programme is Back with New Experiences

SeaWorld Orlando just announced the return of the Park’s highly-anticipated “Inside Look” programme, November 4-5 and free with park admission. Don’t Miss Exclusive Behind the Scenes Access to See and Learn More About Marine Animals.

  • Animal experts educate on how we care for the diverse animals in our parks including sharks, cetaceans, manatees and pinnipeds
  • Rescue teams share stories of lifesaving work as guests tour critical care and rehabilitation areas not normally open to the public
  • NEW- Guests will learn about SeaWorld’s incredible successes in conservation, spotlighting the unprecedented birth of 3 endangered smalltooth sawfish and efforts in repopulation of coral
This fan-favourite event brings guests behind-the-scenes to learn more about the world-class care SeaWorld Orlando’s animals receive and the continuous conservation efforts made to preserve endangered marine life. Guests will be able to visit places and meet teams not typically available to the public and see the conservation work of SeaWorld’s team of animal care experts first-hand. This year, SeaWorld Orlando is debuting several new Animal Care Specialist Talks, including the ALL-NEW Coral Presentation and Sharks Presentation. In these interactive presentations, guests will be given insight into how to care for dwindling coral populations and meet the SeaWorld dive team, respectively.
The event runs the weekend of November 4-5, 2023. “Inside Look” experiences are included in regular park admission, but this event is extremely popular and highly attended, so guests are encouraged to arrive early to access this exclusive offering.  
“At SeaWorld Orlando, we are always looking for ways to allow guests to dive deeper into the realm of animal conservation,” said Jon Peterson, Park President of SeaWorld Orlando. “Inside Look showcases the hard work our animal care specialists do behind the scenes and educates future generations about how they can help protect endangered species and marine habitats, inspiring a long-lasting commitment to protect these incredible creatures.”
There will be many incredible exclusive experiences returning to SeaWorld Orlando’s “Inside Look” programme and a few exciting new ones, including: 

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SeaWorld Orlando Announces the Arrival of a New Immersive Family Coaster Coming Spring 2024

SeaWorld Orlando Announces the Arrival of The Ultimate Antarctic Adventure: “Penguin Trek” – The New Immersive Family Coaster Coming Spring 2024
  • Unique snowmobile styled ride cars transport riders on an unforgettable expedition through the Antarctic wilderness with two launches, a 3,020-foot track that traverses both indoors and outside, and a grand finale arrival at the penguin habitat where riders can experience the enchanting world of these remarkable animals
  • Exciting for the whole family, the coaster accommodates rider heights from 42-77 inches
SeaWorld Orlando, already recognised as the Coaster Capital of Orlando with an impressive array of heart-pounding rides, is about to take your breath away once again with its all-new attraction coming in Spring 2024 – “Penguin Trek” – the eagerly awaited eighth coaster to join the park’s ever-expanding ride portfolio. Designed as THE ultimate family launch coaster experience, “Penguin Trek” features a unique snowmobile styled ride car where once aboard, riders will embark on an exhilarating journey through the breathtaking vastness of Antarctica as they join a penguin research mission unlike any other. 
Featuring two exhilarating launches and a maze of twists and turns, this unforgettable coaster moves at speeds of up to 43 mph across a 3,020-foot track that traverses both indoors and outside. Yet, what sets this experience apart as truly extraordinary is its unparalleled finale: as the coaster comes to a halt, guests find themselves not in a simulated penguin colony, but in the very heart of SeaWorld Orlando’s own penguin habitat.  An experience for the whole family, the ride accommodates rider heights from 42-inches to 77-inches.   
“We are incredibly excited to unveil our newest addition to SeaWorld Orlando’s outstanding coaster lineup in Spring of 2024,” said Jon Peterson, President of SeaWorld Orlando. “This family launch coaster embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration, offering an immersive journey through the wonders of Antarctica while further connecting our mission and commitment to our animal care, education and research. We know our guests were ready for a new thrill that the whole family could enjoy, and we’re excited to redefine the family launch coaster experience alongside our longstanding partners at B&M.”

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Orlando Theme Parks Going Cashless

Do you like to use cash at the Orlando Theme Parks well from next week you may not be able to at some of the major theme parks in Orlando.

SeaWorld and Aquatica Orlando along with Busch Gardens Tampa are transitioning to cashless operations starting 30 August 2023.

“Just swipe or tap your credit card, debit card, or smart device with Apple Pay or Google Pay everywhere you typically use cash. It’s faster, more secure, and convenient, so you can spend less time in line and more time having fun!

If you don’t have a payment card, we have you covered. Just stop by one of the easy-to-use Cash-to-Card kiosks located throughout the park to transfer your cash (free of charge) onto a Visa prepaid debit card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.”


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SeaWorld Orlando’s New Bad Weather Assurance Policy

SeaWorld Orlando has implemented a weather assurance policy that lets guests return to the park at no additional cost.

The Weather-or-Not Assurance program guarantees the value of your park ticket and can be used year-round for park visits impacted by inclement weather

SeaWorld Orlando usually remains open even when the weather isn’t cooperating. You never know when thunder and lightning, hail, or even a hurricane might unexpectedly land and ruin your good time. But don’t worry. That’s when SeaWorld’s Weather-or-Not Assurance steps in to provide you with a free return visit.

Your visit is covered through SeaWorld’s Weather-or-Not Assurance program. This program guarantees the value of your park experience and applies year-round, covering weather events such as rain, lightning, extreme heat, wind, snow, hail and more.

For example:

  • Inclement weather causes early closure or negatively impacts the park’s operating hours.
  • Rides are closed for over 60 minutes due to lightning, strong winds, heat, rain or snow.
  • If park temperatures reach a heat index of 110 degrees or above.

For more information or to request a return visit please Click Here