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Deciding Where to Stay

One of the big considerations when planning a Disney holiday is where do you stay.
There are three basic choices you need to consider, the choices are ‘On-Site’, ‘Off Site’ and Villa. Here we’ll try and look at the pro’s and con’s of each choice.

Before making a choice of accommodation some things you should look at first:

• What is your Budget.
• How many people are going with you.
• Do you want to Drive.
• Will you just be visiting Disney Parks or will you be visiting the wider Orlando area.

Off-Site Advantages:

• Greater choice of accommodation and standard.
• Accommodation usually lower cost.
• Easier to find accommodation to suit your budget.
• Easier to get last minute accommodation.
• Easier access to restaurants
• Easier access to shopping facilities
• Easier access to non-Disney attractions.
• NOT immersed in Disney Magic 24 hours a day.
• Many hotels offer scheduled shuttle service to the parks.
• Some hotels offer free breakfasts.
• Some hotels may have discount schemes with local attractions or facilities.

Off-Site Disadvantages:

• Getting to and from the parks may be more difficult.
• Not so easy to take afternoon breaks from the parks.
• You probably need a hire car
• Quality of the rooms varies.
• Quality of service varies.
• Off-site guests must pay for parking at Disney theme parks if they drive unless they have an Annual Passport.
• Shuttle service is limited at many hotels and may not be available at times to suit you.
• Some hotels share shuttles between a number of hotels making the service very slow or crowded
• Some hotels have an additional charge for using their shuttle service.
• You can’t make purchases in the parks and have them delivered to your room.

On-Site Advantages:

• Getting to and from the parks is usually easier.
• Unlimited use of WDW transportation system.
• Free parking at the Disney Themeparks.
• You are in the Disney Magic 24 hrs a day.
• Disney resorts offer wonderful theming.
• Quality of service is excellent.
• Properties are always clean and well-maintained.
• Room-charge privileges throughout WDW.
• Ability to purchase Ultimate Park Hopper Pass.
• Purchases can be delivered to your room.
• Access to WDW’s TV information channels.

On-Site Disadvantages:

• Rooms are more expensive.
• Rooms and in-room facilities are not as good as some off-site hotels.
• Not so easy to get last minute accommodation at the resort of your choice.
• Availability of budget priced rooms is limited.
• Dining is on the whole more expensive.
• Dining choices can be limited.
• Not so easy to reach non-Disney attractions.
• Relying on Disney Transportation can be a hassle.

Villa Advantages:

• Privacy
• Easier for large groups to stay together
• Home comforts
• Usually most villas have a private pool
• Can stock the fridge and cupboards with your own drink and food for breakfasts, evening snacks etc.

Villa Disadvantages:

• You will need a car
• Can be expensive especially if the number in your party is small
• Traveling time to the attractions may be longer

Florida Villa Rentals

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Villa Sunset

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