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New Disney Villains Edition of Monopoly

Hasbro has released a new version of Disney Villains Monopoly that will bring out the villainous side of you as you scheme and plot your way to victory.

Disney Villains Monopoly

©Hasbro ©Disney

In this new edition you can elect to play as one of six different Disney Villains. The Evil Queen from ‘Snow white’ or Maleficent from ‘Sleeping Beauty’ might be popular choices, or how about playing, Cruella de Vil from ‘101 Dalmations’, Scar from ‘The Lion King’, Jfar from ‘Aladdin’ or Hook from ‘Peter Pan.

Hasbro has previously released a Villains edition but this one has been reworked to be more interactive and includes some twists to keep you entertained. You are encouraged to be ruthless and compete to see is the most evil of all. Players must buy and sell Villain Contracts instead of property, and the more villains a player hires, the more money they can collect. Continue reading