Seaworld, Aquatica & Busch Gardens Tickets


SeaWorld Orlando is the world’s premier marine mammal adventure park. From diving with sharks to getting a soaking from Shamu (the killer whale), visitors can enjoy up-close animal encounters and extraordinary behind-the-scenes experiences ranging from getting a kiss from the park’s charming Beluga whales to learning about SeaWorld’s essential rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

As well as its world-class rollercoasters and eclectic shows, the beautifully landscaped Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is also home to over 2,000 animals and a range of remarkable up-close behind-the-scenes tours. Busch Gardens is just over an hour away from Orlando and for those not wishing to drive, a door-to-door shuttle is available daily from SeaWorld and other convenient Orlando locations.


Aquatica is a one-of-a-kind waterpark from SeaWorld, which immerses guests in the playfulness of the sea and boasts some of the world’s most unique water rides and animal encounters. Aquatica’s awesome signature ride – Dolphin Plunge –shoots riders through a spectacular Commerson dolphin habitat. May 2014 saw the opening of Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, the parks new thrill-seeking experience that see’s riders plummet vertically 80ft down slides from ‘Breakaway Boxes’.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is the ultimate adventure park for families and thrill-seekers alike and 2014 sees the opening of ‘Falcon’s Fury’, the tallest free standing drop tower in North America. Riders are slowly lifted to a height of 335ft, are tilted forward 90 degrees in their seats and are then dropped, plummeting to the ground at a speed of 60mph!
There’s also the high speed attraction, Cheetah Hunt, guests will immerse themselves into the world of the cheetah, chasing its tail at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour on a new multiple-launch coaster, Cheetah Hunt*. This record breaking 3 ½ minute sprint over three quarters of a mile takes riders through an African inspired landscape – mimicking the speed, power and agility of this beautiful cat with super fast twists, turns and three accelerations – before plunging 37 metres into the abyss. Riders and none riders alike can marvel at the cheetahs’ awesome speed just a whisker away at Cheetah Run, where trainers will carry out daily sprints with these graceful and agile animals.

The theatrical show Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, follows on from the highly popular KaTonga production which saw a six year run in the Moroccan Palace, Busch Gardens Tampa is thrilled to welcome the critically celebrated Broadway entertainment group, Cirque Dreams, who will undoubtedly mesmerize and astound visitors. Encompassing groundbreaking contortion and acrobatics, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy will bring nature to life with soaring butterfly aerialists, spine-bending lizards, acrobatic monkeys and hopping frog jugglers combined with fantasy music and spectacular costumes.

2020 Ticket Prices

Seaworld Single Park Tickets

1+ Day in Advance $87.99
On the Day $107.99
Ticket + 1 All-day Dining Deal $122.99

Two Park Ticket

Two Park Ticket – Buy Seaworld, get a 2nd Park FREE $107.99
Two Park Ticket + 2 Dines $157.99

Three Park Ticket

Three Park Ticket $120.99
Three Park Ticket + 3 Dines $190.99

Additional Information:
The 3-Park Ticket also includes free bus transportation to Busch Gardens on the Busch Gardens Shuttle Express. This service departs from various locations in the International Drive and Kissimmee areas (subject to change).

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