SeaWorld Orlando’s New Bad Weather Assurance Policy

SeaWorld Orlando has implemented a weather assurance policy that lets guests return to the park at no additional cost.

The Weather-or-Not Assurance program guarantees the value of your park ticket and can be used year-round for park visits impacted by inclement weather

SeaWorld Orlando usually remains open even when the weather isn’t cooperating. You never know when thunder and lightning, hail, or even a hurricane might unexpectedly land and ruin your good time. But don’t worry. That’s when SeaWorld’s Weather-or-Not Assurance steps in to provide you with a free return visit.

Your visit is covered through SeaWorld’s Weather-or-Not Assurance program. This program guarantees the value of your park experience and applies year-round, covering weather events such as rain, lightning, extreme heat, wind, snow, hail and more.

For example:

  • Inclement weather causes early closure or negatively impacts the park’s operating hours.
  • Rides are closed for over 60 minutes due to lightning, strong winds, heat, rain or snow.
  • If park temperatures reach a heat index of 110 degrees or above.

For more information or to request a return visit please Click Here