No Covid-19 Outbreaks Have Been Traced Back To Disney, SeaWorld Or Universal Theme Parks In Florida

With the recent spike in Coronavirus cases in Florida there has been much speculation that the reopening of the Orlando theme parks have contributed to this spike.

Orange County Coronavirus Update 27 July

It has been several weeks now since the theme parks in Orlando started to reopen. Universal Studios the first major theme park to reopen to guests did so on 5th June. SeaWorld reopened on 11 June. Disney reopened later with Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom on 11 July.

In the 27 July Orange County Coronavirus Update Dr. Paul Pino answers a reporters question regarding the theme parks not contributing to the recent covid-19 spike in Florida.

At timestamp 27 mins in the video Below:-

Reporter: At this point, how many COVID-19 cases have been traced back to theme parks in our area, Universal, SeaWorld, Fun Spot, Gatorland, etc, and of course, Disney?  If you don’t have a number, how can you say the theme parks reopening are not contributing to our recent spike in coronavirus cases?”

Dr. Raul Pino:  “Well, the fact that I don’t have a number, I see it reinforces when I’m saying that.  So there are people in our community that want to have an outbreak in the parks, and we are looking for an outbreak in the parks, and we have not seen it.  It does not mean that has not happened.  We haven’t been able to triangulate that data. Now, we are changing a little bit the data analytics at our place so that we have a higher opportunity to detect those.  Now if the question is have you seen any cases that may have mention a park?  Yes, we have.  Can we establish transmissions at the parks?  We have not been able to establish transmissions at the parks, yet.  Our teams also visited, I believe, SeaWorld last week, and they were impressed by the compliance that they saw at the place.  Disney has done a wonderful job.  Universal too.  They have been open to our visits.  Listen, if I don’t have the cases, I cannot lie.  I don’t have cases there yet.”