Security Bag Checks Could Be A Thing Of The Past at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has started to test new security body scanners that allow guests to just walk through security at normal pace without stopping.


This new technology powered by Evolv Technology, has the ability to screen groups of people as they walk through an entrance without slowing or stopping. The test at Disney Springs took place in the parking Garage and was allowing guests to walk straight through at normal pace without being stopped.According to the manufacturer the system can screen visitors individually or together and detect weapons as well as being able to check body temperature. The manufacturer states these new scanners can check over 3,600 people per hour.

If implemented by Disney, this new technology could drastically reduce queues that are found at current security bag check points. Guests would not need to stop and have their bags checked. This would help avoid the build up of crowds and reducing close contact between security and guests.

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