7 and 14 Day Disney Tickets Are Not Available After September 2021 Due To Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations?

If you try to purchase Disney Tickets beyond 13th September 2021 you will get a message stating that Disney tickets are not available for arrivals after 13th September 2021.

7and14 Day Tickets

Apparently, Disney have told UK Travel Agents that they will not offer 7 day or 14 day park tickets beyond 13th September 2021. We recently reported that they have also been told that the new park reservation system will extend in to 2021. 

Disney’s 50th Anniversary celebrations are due to begin in October 2021 and they will want to tightly control the numbers of guests entering the parks through the use of reservations.

This is the message seen on the Disney website for tickets beyond 13th September..

Disney TicketsDisney is in the process of finalising plans for their new park reservation system and we are expecting details to be released soon.


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